Bred By 42

BSE X Yeti OG (AKA Blasphemy) Bred By 42


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BSE X Yeti OG (AKA Blasphemy) Bred By 42

Lineage: B.S.E. x Yeti Og

Indica / Sativa: 90/10

Flowering Time: 60 days

 Blasphemy earned its name because every person who tried this cross all said the same thing “Jesus fucking Christ what is that?” Gassy and earthy is a great way to describe the smell of this strain but where she really excels is the size.  She will give you lots of weight indoors but outdoors is where she really shines.  She will literally create an entire tree an will reward that patient gardener with loads of lushes fruit at falls end.

Pack of 3 Feminized Seeds

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