Thesmokingdog Challenge Seeds

In a bid to help with the culture of self sufficiency and to make the newest and best genetics accessible to everyone, we have created Thesmokingdog Challenge.

Every 3 months we will have the strains of one up-and-coming breeder and it will be up to you, our loyal customer to decide if they stay. 

Naturally, supplies will be limited and this will be a very interesting and valuable experience for new breeders since the seeds of their hard labour will be available for purchase on our store, along with our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, all feedback on the genetic quality and eventual harvest will be relayed to the Breeder so we also ask for your connoisseur expertise.

It is not only the usual Regular and Feminized seeds that will be posted, but also the controversial Auto Flowering will be available for limited time. If you are a breeder and you would like an opportunity, make sure to drop us a message with more details, who knows, maybe your seeds will be showcased here.


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